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Forest and Range Opportunity Agreement

In April 2006, the Sliammon First Nation (SFN) signed a Forest and Range Opportunity (FRO) agreement with the Province of British Columbia. The agreement provides social and economic benefits to the Sliammon people in the form of revenue sharing and access to forest tenure. As a result, Sliammon was invited to apply for a Probationary Community Forest Agreement (PCFA) in July 2006. The application for a PCFA requires SFN to prepare a Business Plan and a Plan for Management of Forest Resources. This document covers the plan for management section for the application.

The PCFA’s are small to medium-sized tenures available to individuals, groups or First Nations to manage. The PCFA’s resulted as part of the 20% tenure take back outlined in the Forestry Revitalization Plan. The purpose of community forests is to grant individuals, groups or First Nations more managing authority of a local forest, thus bringing more benefits in the form of employment and revenue to the community.

The proposed Sliammon PCFA tenure is located in Powell River, British Columbia (BC) on the Sunshine Coast. The proposed tenure consists of an Allowable Annual Cut (AAC) of 28,00Om3 located in the Bunster Range and Haslam Lake areas. The PCFA tenure lies within the Sliammon traditional territory and the Bunster Range area is adjacent to the Sliammon Treaty Settlement Lands (TSL). The PCFA would provide the SFN with the opportunity to manage a forest tenure that will generate economic opportunities and other benefits to the Sliammon community. A PCFA between the Sliammon First Nation and the Ministry of Forests and Range will demonstrate that the New Relationship agreement is taking effect in the province of British Columbia as SFN will have the opportunity to be involved in shared decision-making about the land and resources.

This plan for management is a template that will aide in preparing the management plan that will guide operations in conjunction with the Forest Stewardship Plan. The plan for management proposes to:
generate sustainable economic benefits from the timber and non-timber resources;
maintain aesthetic values;
accommodate recreational opportunities without putting Sliammon community forest in a disadvantage situation;
protect water quality in community watersheds;
protect cultural and heritage values;
consult and work together with other tenure holders;
educate the general public on the benefits and challenges of managing crown forest tenure; and
provide protection for riparian areas and wetlands for fish-bearing streams and maintain or enhance current fish habitat.

Thichum Forest Products LP is 100% owned by the SFN and the corporation will manage all the forestry tenures including the SFN community forest. The SFN will manage the community forest in a sustainable manner taking into consideration social, environmental, cultural and economic issues. This plan for management provides the general management philosophy and resource management goals proposed for the community forest agreement. In addition, this plan for management clarifies the benefits and goals of the SFN and provides a blueprint for short-term and long-term goals for the five year probationary agreement. The components of the Sliammon PCFA application including governance, stewardship and management objectives, Sliammon involvement in forestry, community support and consultation, business plan and negotiation of other forest tenures demonstrates the competency that the Corporation will have in managing a Community Forest Licence.

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